Route n°1: city center via the banks of the Erdre

Distance: 5 km

This loop follows the old route of the Odysséa race. In the heart of Nantes, it allows to run along the banks of the Erdre, on a green laid out. Perfect for a restart!

Departure: Cours Saint-André
Arrival: Cours Saint-André

Follow the green line on the map! 

Route n°2: the banks of the river Erdre

Distance: 11 km

The left bank of the Erdre is one of the favorite spots of Nantes fans of running. The natural and bucolic setting, close to the city center, is one of its assets. This route also reveals the floristic and faunistic richness of the banks of the Erdre and the quality of its biodiversity.

Departure: Castle of the Dukes of Brittany
Arrival: Parc de la Chantrerie / Port-Gachet.

Route n°3: around the island of Nantes

Distance: 10 km

It is possible to run along the two branches of the Loire, to discover the natural park at the end of the island, the Crapa. From Crapa to Place Mangin, the river bank is arranged for pedestrians.

Departure: Hangar with bananas
Arrival: Banana Hangar

Follow the light blue line!

Route n°4: banks of the Loire

Distance: 15 km

The promenade of the banks of the Loire is an old towpath between Nantes and Mauves. It offers, over 15 km, a great diversity of characteristic landscapes of the Loire (meadows flooded, islands, coteaux de Mauves) as well as a series of picturesque sites. Flat and rolling!

Departure: Stade Marcel-Saupin
Arrival: Mauves / Loire 

Follow the dark blue line on the map!

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