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L’U.NI is one of the most famous address in Nantes. In this contemporary bistro, Chef Nicolas offers on the menu, an explosion of sea/land/vegetal flavours brought to their highest expression. It is highly recommended to book in advance!

Opening hours: 
Wed to Saturday: 12pm – 1:30pm
Wed to Sunday: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Address: 36, rue Fouré, 44000 Nantes
☎ +33 2 40 75 53 05

The Atlantide 1874 – Maison Guého

Calling all you fine diners! The Atlantide is an excellent restaurant run by Jean-Yves Guého, a Michelin-starred chef. The assets? A fine cuisine with subtlety combinations, fantastic harmony of flavours and a perfect aromatic balance. Besides, located on the Butte Saint-Anne, the restaurant offers a wonderful panoramic view over the Loire.

It is strongly recommended that you book in advance!

Opening hours:
From 12:00 to 14:00 and 19:30 to 21:45.
Closed on Sunday and holidays.

AddressButte Sainte-Anne, 5 rue de l'Hermitage - 44100 Nantes
☎ 02 40 73 23 23

For more information, visit the website.


Pickles is a new city centre establishment just waiting for you to come and try out! Having opened in 2014 in Nantes, Pickles has already won the full support of the city’s food lovers.

As a chef, Dominic Quirke works exclusively with products that are both local and in season: the owner carefully chooses all of his suppliers (be it for fish, meat, vegetables…), something instantly recognisable by the quality of the food on offer. At Pickles you’ll find traditional local cuisine, embellished by delicious and unexpected Asian, Italian, African or even British flourishes.

Opening hours: 
Tuesday - Friday: 12pm - 2pm
Wednesday - Thursday: 7pm - 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 7pm - 11pm 

Address: 2, rue du marais, 44000 Nantes
☎ +33 2 51 84 11 89
For more info, please visit their Website 

La Poissonnerie et pas que…

“La Poissonnerie et pas que…”, run for a short while now by Audrey Sireude and Manuel Le Gouil, offers a gourmet menu situated “between land and sea”, developed seasonally with the tastiest produce.
The chef’s keywords are Desire, Share and Swap, and each concept has its own menu.

Opening hours:
Tues to Saturday: 12pm - 1:30pm & 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Address: 4, rue Léon Maître, 44000 – Nantes
☎ +33 (0)2 40 47 79 50

For more information, visit the website.

Lulu Rouget

The Lulu Rouget restaurant, run by chef Ludovic Pouzelgues, offers up creative, contemporary dishes made exclusively from fresh, seasonal ingredients. The food is simply delicious, particularly the unique seafood flourishes.

Opening hours:
Tues to Friday: 12pm - 1:30pm
Everyday: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Address: 1 rue du Cheval Blanc, 44000 Nantes
☎ 02 40 47 47 98

For more information, visit the Facebook page.

Les Chants d’Avril

The Les Chants d’Avril bistro is run by chef Christophe François, with his wife Véronique looking after the wine. As for their speciality? That would be the mystery menu, an original idea especially conceived to help diners discover unexpected tastes! The ingredients are all local and extra-fresh, and the food is gourmet and generously served.

Opening hours: 
Open at midday every day except weekends, and open on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Address: 2 rue Laënnec, 44000 Nantes
☎ +33 2 40 89 34 76
For more info, please visit their website


The Cocotte restaurant is located in a former butcher's shop turned into a cozy and elegant space. The concept? A gourmet cuisine around the chicken with a selection of wines highlighting the work of bio winemakers!

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 12pm - 2pm / 7:30pm – 10pm 

Address: 27 Rue Fouré, 44000 Nantes
For more info, please visit their website. 

Les Fils à Maman

Ideally located between the Place Royale and the Bouffay district in Nantes, les Fils à Maman is a restaurant with an original concept: to transport you, over the course of a great lunch or dinner, back to your childhood! The team at Les Fils à Maman (“Mummy’s Boys”) are, above all, food-lovers who wish to offer us the opportunity to rediscover the flavours of our mothers’ cooking.

Opening hours: 
The restaurant is open from Monday evening to Sunday lunchtime.
Lunchtime: between midday and 2pm
Dinnertime: between 7:30pm and 10:30pm (11pm on Fridays; 11:30pm on Saturdays) 

Address: 14 Rue Beauregard, 44000 Nantes
☎ 02 40 20 06 26
For more info, please visit their website

La Cave 920

Just a stone’s throw from our OKKO Nantes Château hotel, 920 - La Cave à Manger wine cellar is one of the latest additions to the Rue de Strasbourg. It offers customers an extraordinary selection of 920 wines, to either take home or to sample in-house. An original and contemporary decor where you can also order fantastic cheese and charcuterie platters.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 9:30am - 9pm

Address: 2 bis, rue du Château, 44000 Nantes
☎ +33 2 44 88 00 23

La Tavola

The La Tavola restaurant serves up typical, authentic Italian cuisine. The menu, crafted exclusively from the finest fresh produce, offers you a culinary tour around the different regions of Italy.

Opening hours: 
From Tuesday to Friday: 12pm -2pm
From Tuesday to Saturday: 7pm – 9:30pm  

Address: 18 rue de Richebourg, 44000 Nantes
☎ +33 2 40 74 11 61

Brasserie La Cigale

For nearly 120 years, the residents of Nantes have delighted in the mouth-watering food and unusual decor of La Cigale! Open to the public since 1st April 1895, this brasserie enjoys pride of place on the Place Graslin and has become a favourite haunt for artists en route to the Operahouse across the square. A legendary establishment, and a reputation beyond repute.

Tearoom, brasserie and restaurant all in one, La Cigale is open every day of the week from breakfast right through until dinner. Here you can savour delicious fish, seafood dishes and other specialities prepared by its head chef Laurent Savin.

Opening hours: 
From Monday to Sunday / 7h30 - 0h30.

Address: 4, place Graslin (face à l’Opéra), 44000 Nantes
☎ 02 51 84 94 94
For more info, please visit their website

Papy Mougeot

The owners of Les Fils à Maman, have recently opened a second restaurant , not to be missed on your next trip to Nantes: Papy Mougeot.

It offers another unique and homely dining experience between an old restaurant and a contemporary bistro, at the heart of the Île Feydeau district.

Opening hours
Monday : 12H00-14H00
Tues-Thursd. : 12H00-14H00 / 19H30-22H00
Friday : 12H00-14H00 / 19H30-22H30
Saturday : 19H30-23H00
Sunday: 12H00-15H00

Address: 1 Quai Turenne, 44000 Nantes

For more information, visit the website or the Facebook page.

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