7am-10am on weekdays, 8am-12pm on the weekend

A delicious, generous gourmet buffet including:

  • Tea from Le Palais des Thés
  • Coffee, macchiato and hot chocolate made to your own tastes with our fantastic coffee machine
  • Pastries made from Echiré PDO butter
  • Small white and wholegrain bread rolls
  • Creps and salted caramel
  • Superb jams and curds from La Muroise
  • Butter and local dairy products from Beillevaire
  • A local selection of cheeses
  • Free-range eggs
  • Local organic compote by Côteaux Nantais
  • Organic fruits
  • Muesli Dear Muesli
  • Selection of meets
  • Fresh juices
  • Soja milk and gluten-free pastries are also at your disposal

    If you wish a breakfast before 7 am, do not hesitate to ask the team, who will prepare you a take-away breakfast.


Every evening from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Simple and authentic products and flavours:

  • Groix et Nature fish and seafood terrines
  • Dairy products from Beillevaire
  • Selection of meets
  • Fresh Covent Garden soups
  • Fresh organic fruits from Côteaux Nantais
  • Delightful savoury tarts 
  • Fantastic fresh vegetables and delicious dips
  • Local charcuterie meats chosen from among the very best producers
  • Cheeses selected by award-winning expert

The Bar

The first glass of wine or local beer is on the house during the aperitivo. 

On the menu:
  • A selection of wines from small producers chosen by Rémi Charrier - Glass 5€ - Bottle 25€
  • Spirits chosen from among the finest available - 7€
  • Bottled beer - 5€
  • Gin Tonic - 6€
  • Laurent Perrier champagne - Glass 9€ - Half a bottle: 28€ - Bottle 55€


You won’t be able to resist! Available 24/7 at the Club:

  • sweet and savory delicacies
  • Yogurts
  • Mineral water, soft drinks, sodas, yogurts to drink by Michel & Augustin
  • Tea Palais des Thés
  • Coffee - Cappuccino - Latte - Hot Chocolate
  • Fresh and organic fruits

Above all, we want to preserve the generosity of our all-inclusive offer. For this reason, drinks (except tea or herbal tea), snacking or other can no longer be consumed for free outside the Club.
However, you will be able to take a drink or a snack away for €2. The consumption of these products within the Club is of course still included in the price.

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